What Makes Us Different

Our name says it all. Our care is specialized for those with mood and social or communication challenges or impaired executive functioning. 

Who’s our typical client?

Someone who is struggling with their mood and who is also experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Difficulty connecting socially and emotionally with others despite being of average or above average intelligence.
  • Feels awkward with others in social settings.
  • Tendency to be very quiet.
  • Tendency to talk too much.
  • Has experienced bullying.
  • Has been described as hyper, quirky, scattered or annoying.
  • May not always know what to say in a group.
  • Has a hard time keeping friends.
  • Sometimes lacks a filter when it comes to expressing themselves.
  • May come across as rude when not intending to.
  • May not always understand non-verbal communication.
  • Can be obsessed with their areas of interest or hobbies.
  • May be very uncomfortable with physical touch.
  • May not always be aware of physical boundaries.
  • Feels unorganized or overwhelmed by activities of daily living.
  • Struggles with time management
  • Struggles with impulsivity
  • Experiences sensory sensitivity
  • Extremely literal
  • Struggles with changes in schedules or plans and tends to be rigid.
  • Previously diagnosed with a learning disability or developmental delay such as dyslexia, Non-Verbal Learning Disability, ADHD, Asperger’s or High Functioning Autism.

Our program provides individual and group format addressing mood, social challenges and executive functioning. 

To learn more about our care, and request an appointment at our office, please call us at (404) 838-8788, or request an appointment online using our interactive appointment request form below.

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