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“Social Skills” are an individual’s ability to navigate a conversation successfully, appropriately express their thoughts and understand the messages that others are trying to communicate. Social Skills often include understanding non-verbal communication and body language.

For some people behaving socially in a competent manner can be challenging. Impulsivity, hyperactivity, inattention, anxiety and communication disorders can frequently impairs one’s ability to connect effectively with others.

Adults challenged socially can experience feelings of isolation, insecurity, depression and anxiety.  These feelings can lead to patterns of impaired mental health and self-sabotage.

If you have ever said the following, you may need help with your “Social Skills.”

  • “I just don’t know what to say.”
  • “I am worried that I will say something weird.”
  • “I have a hard time waiting my turn to speak.”
  • “I can barely focus on what other people are saying half the time.”
  • “I get very nervous in large groups.”
  • “I can’t stay on track with the conversation.”
  • “If there is a lot going on in the background, I am distracted.”
  • “I don’t find talking to others interesting
  • “I only want to talk about what I find interesting.”

If you have ever received this feedback from others, you may need help with your Socials Skills:

  • “You are really quiet all the time.”
  • “You say the most random stuff.”
  • “You really lack a filter.”
  • “You interrupt a lot!”
  • “Why do you look so awkward when you speak?”
  • “You never make eye contact.”
  • “You talk too much.”
  • “You only talk about yourself and your interests.”
  • “Are you even paying attention?”

The Atlanta Center for Specialized Care offers education and group cognitive behavioral therapy in the area of “Social Skills.” We believe that empowering our clients with improved Social Skills reduces negative experiences when interacting with others, increases confidence and decreases the likelihood for relapses by treating a common trigger for substance use.

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