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The Program

Counseling Services Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta Center for Specialized Care offers individual and group therapy. We pride ourselves on comprehensive assessment of our client's needs, premiere treatment planning, intervention and coordination of care.

Adult Mood, Social and Executive Functioning Group:

This is the pride of our practice. We are unique in our approach offering an adult group for those who struggle with mood impairment, planning, organizing, time management, self management, communication skills and personal connections. The group teaches specific skills in those areas and offers measurable goals to reach for. It also offers the space for adults who struggle with these issues to understand how common they occur and that they are not alone.


Tatiana Matthews LPC: $150 per 45 minute session. 

Theresa Westfall LAPC:  $125 per 45 minute session.

Adult Mood, Social and Executive Functioning Group: 

  • Tuesdays
  • 6:30-8:30
  • $100 per group

To learn more about the practice or our program, and request an appointment at our office, please call us at (404) 838-8788, or request an appointment online using our interactive appointment request form below.

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